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About "Padis"

Firm PPU “PADIS” has started activity in year 1993. Our headquarters and productive plants are contained in Ryglice near Tarnow. We are firm average largeness employing about 70 employee, which specializes in products from timber. We have started our activity from production and wood sale kitchen accessories. Earned experience and productive capabilities have allowed us on expansion of offer about furniture and wood toys. Production of replication of old furniture is main profile of activity from old timber presently or specially on old make. We use traditional methods - all the furniture is hand made according to authentic old patterns. We have also polish furniture from timber in our offer ,particularly, wide assortment of table and chairs. These furniture can be executed from different kind of timber and on dimension according to wish of client and in natural color with visible structure of timber and finish in different colors. We execute orders else on the basis of photographs and individual designs made by Client. Second profile of activity of firm is production and sale of kitchen accessories. These products are products own from highest quality of beech timber executed certificate of National Artistic Commission Carefully and Ethnographic. We have started up production of wood toy on principle of cooperation with other firms also. We process successively and we introduce new exemplars of toys depending on requirements of clients. We are prepared as executive for taking of wide cooperation in this range or subexecutive of chosen exemplar or by recipient (receiver) too entirely new suggest. We introduce wood boats with sails for production also.