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Wooden kitchen accessories

Cutting up board to vegetable – big
Code no G-1

Cutting up board to vegetable – small
Code no G-2

Cutting up board to meat – big
Code no G-3

Cutting up board to meat – small
Code no G-4

Cutting up board to meat – average
Code no G-5

„Swedish” spoon 8'',10'',12'',14'',16''
Code no G-7 do G-11

„Wooden Warsaw” spoon
Code no G-13

„Regional” spoon – big and small
Code no G-12, G-47

Wooden hammer to meat
Code no G-15

Hammer to meat with 2 metal putting
Code no G-16

Board to doing dough – two-sided
Code no G-22

Rolling pin moveable and stable
Code no G-24, G-25

Wooden mixing ball
Code no G-26

Drying buckle to clothes (20 pieces – 1 set)
Code no G-29

Drying buckle to clothes (36 pieces – 1 set)
Code no G-30

Kitchen mixing – big
Code no G-31

Kitchen mixing – small
Code no G-32

Potato pestle
Code no G-35

Kitchen set
Code no G-37

„French” mixing trowel (shoulder) 20,30,35,40,45 cm
Code no G-39-41-42-43-56

„English” spoon
Code no G-46

Kitchen set - small
Code no G-52

Hammer to meat with 1 metal putting
Code no G-54

Grate for vegetables, small – 2 knife
Code no G-57

Grate for vegetables, big – 2 knife
Code no G-58

Grate for vegetables – 3 knife
Code no G-59

Knife to butter – big
Code no G-60

Knife to butter – small
Code no G-61

Support under pot
Code no G-64

Tongs to grill
Code no G-65

Nut – cracker
Code no G-66

Honey spoon
Code no G-68

Code no G-69

Kitchen mixing – six arms
Code no G-70

Small spoon
Code no G-71

Towel stand
Code no G-75

Cups stand
Code no G-76

Rectangular plank with ditch-big
Code no G-77

Rectangular plank with ditch-small
Code no G-78

Scoop for seasoning 3
Code no G-74

Scoop for seasoning 1
Code no G-72

Scoop for seasoning 2
Code no G-73

Round cutting up board– big
Code no G-79

Round cutting up board–average
Code no G-80

Round cutting up board–small
Code no G-81

Cutting up board with phase – big
Code no G-82

Cutting up board with phase – small
Code no G-83

Cutting up board „Leaf”
Code no G-84

Spoon with slots 10’’
Code no G-86

Spoon with slots 12’’
Code no G-87

Spoon with slots 14’’
Code no G-88

Spoon with slots 16’’
Code no G-89

Cutting up board - mini
Code no G-90

Tourist cutting up board
Code no G-91

Spoon - small
Code no G-542

Knife to butter
Code no G-96

Rolling pin - mini
Code no G-97

Cutting up board „Onion”
Code no G-98

Spoon - average
Code no G-541

Cutting up board with hilt
Code no G-100

Kit of board
Code no G-540

Code no G-544

Fork to grill
Code no G-546

Grate for vegetables
Code no G-550

Set to grill
Code no G-553